Kranzkloof Photoshoot 2015

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Last month I had the privilege of working with a well know local photographer just down the road from my house at Kranzkloof. It must be said Anthony Grote is a highly acclaimed photographer from the Durban Area and has an amazing eye for linking and marrying the natural surrounds to the sport or subject being featured. His background is underwater photography but by no means is he a fish out of water. He pics have featured in most if not all of the major cycling publications around South Africa and he continues to push the boundaries with his photography and artistic flare.

The shoot was extremely early morning and very much weather related, as we had to have clear or partly cloudy conditions to get the right lighting. The “golden hour” as Anthony Referred to it was a tough ask especially in the upper highway area as most locals know is renowned for having temperamental mist and fog that lingers before burning off later to unveil the day. We were fortunate enough to have fair conditions and the shoot went on.

Aside from a couple of pepper tick bites we came away with some very cool shots from the morning shoot.

AndrewHill-3 AndrewHill-5 AndrewHill-7 AndrewHill-8 AndrewHill-9 AndrewHill-13 AndrewHill-17 AndrewHill-19 AndrewHill-20 AndrewHill-21 AndrewHill-22 AndrewHill-24 AndrewHill-25 AndrewHill-26 AndrewHill-30 AndrewHill-31 AndrewHill-38 AndrewHill-39 AndrewHill-40 AndrewHill-45 AndrewHill-48 AndrewHill-50 AndrewHill-52

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