Golovane Explore 85km

///Golovane Explore 85km

Golovane Explore 85km


Total Distance: 85km

Total Ascent: 1707m

The 2012 Boxlee Golovane Explore is always a favourite in the marathon racing fraternity especially with the likes of SANI2C on around the corner. The track is usually dry and fast paced in the Balito summer heat. But this wasn’t the case on the weekend when the unseasonal rainfall threatened to make the track muddy and slick. By Saturday afternoon the rain was still coming down which might have scared off a couple of fair weather riders. But waking up on Sunday morning the sky was clear and the gale force overnight wind had dried the trails dramatically. The hard sandy trails we compacted and the race turned out to be a faced paced effort. The start was an early one with us heading off at 6:30 to avoid the heat, This is always a great time to be riding a bike on the coast and the weather was warm and pleasant. The first move was made by Shaun Peschel who attacked as the 2km neutral zone ended. This heightened the pace dramatically. But the attack was short and I felt like I could continue the hard tempo for a while longer up the first 2km climb. My legs felt good and I continued to push over the climb and towards the flats. I felt I had something to prove as I was forced to retire after 35km into the race last year with a mechanical. I turned to look back and saw I had a sizable gap over the chasing group but knew I would have to work hard to stay away riding into a strong headwind as an individual.

I kept my pace consistent and tried to make sure I was out of sight of the chasers as the old adage always rings true when you are racing “out of sight out of mind”. I was fortunate the lead motor bike was giving me time splits; this helped me maintain the tempo impetus and push harder. After 35km there was a 3min40seconds gap on the following group which I knew would be hard to maintain as we descended back down to the start finish where a group would be stronger on the flats than a single time MTB. The final big climb of the day was up Howards bush to a water table. The steep climb pitched out at 20 degrees at some points and provided a rude awakening to many cyclists who thought their sani training was in the bag. The fast paced decent through an indigenous forest provided a big reward for the pain experienced up the climb and proved to be the favourite conversation point at the end of the day amongst many of the riders. From there on into the finish the pace picked up again as the rolling farm roads guided the riders to a beer and burger at the Holla trail centre.

A great race all round and I’ll be sure to come back next year for another instalment of the Golovane Explore

1stAndrew HILL 03:25:04
2ndShaun PESCHL 03:36:49
3rdLeeroy EMSLIE 03:36:50
4thTyron BIRD 03:41:55
5thCarl CALVERLEY 03:42:24
6thWarren PRICE 03:42:48
7thMark MALHERBE 03:42:49
8thJeremy THOMSON 03:50:45
9thDavid LEIMAN 03:50:46
10thMichael DE VILLIERS 03:58:08

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