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Shark MTB classic

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Race SPECS: 40km: 1hr34min, climbing: 1000m Pictures: Media Correspondent writes: The 2013 Stihl Sharks Trail Adventure proved to be another memorable day in the countryside for hundreds of outdoor adventurists, local community members and The

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Wine 2 Whales

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The wine 2 whales is the cape equivalent to the sani2C in terms of participatory numbers, type of trails and distances. Its hugely popular and beautifully scenic. Making it one of the most enjoyable stage races I’ve done. Darren and I wrote a report after each day.

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Riverlea MTB

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Tyron Bird and I made an early break away from the rest of the field and continued to ride at a consistent tempo for the entire race. Only separated by a couple of seconds by end I crossed the line first to make it a hat trick of wins for the Drak challenge. The race itself has huge potential and I see it growing in the future. Especially when you consider the amount of track available to the race organisers and riders.