Drak Decent 2019

#TeamDarkhorseTIB 2019 Heading into the weekend our new team had a considerable amount of pressure to perform in two events in two locations, on opposite sides of the country. Shaun-Nick was the Attawkas Ultra marathon in

Mandela Day Marathon

The huge effort upfront from Hill in the initial 16km of the race had taken its toll and the fresher legs of Walker could then make lighter work of the 3km ling district road climb. “Travis came up next to me at the bottom the climb as we went up a steep rutted jeeptrack section and kicked as we headed for the top where we joined the district road… I knew then that I possibly had pushed a but too hard early on as I struggled to hold his wheel” Said Hill

  • Having consolidated their overnight lead it was Team TIB's Andrew Hill and Adriaan Louw who crossed the finish line first at the 2014 BSi Steel dusi2c that finished at Blue Lagoon in Durban on Sunday. | Photo by: Anthony Grote/ Gameplan Media


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Durban – Having negotiated some bitterly cold conditions early in the day riders once again had clear skies and dry trails for the second day of the 2014 BSi Steel Dusi2c and it was the Team TIB pair of Andrew Hill and Adriaan Louw who inflated their overnight lead