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My passion for cycling started about 12 years ago. I found that I loved to explore the countryside and there was no better way to accomplish this than on my bike. As time moved on I found myself getting more involved in the cycling community and my hunger for competition grew. There was no one single moment that brought me to the place of being a professional athlete. It was gradual and I’m still on that journey, discovering and learning everyday.
This is my journey, and I enjoy the fact that I get to travel it with people like you. I hope to inspire you to live your dreams as I do mine. Andrew Hill

Cycle racing is a funny animal, there are no rules as to how to go about getting involved or how to train your body to achieve your full potential, but there’s one constant in cycling and this is true across the wide spectrum of cycling disciplines: people. People are the life blood of our sport.
Not only those that are closest to us that encourage us through the tough times, but each individual that stands on the side of the race, in sunshine and pouring rain. The people who scream your name and shout encouragements as you venture deeper into that dark place of pain, the place every purist cyclist finds themselves at some point. These people are what keep you going, drive you on, they are small individual shafts of light piercing through the blackness. Then there is the welcome glory of the full blown sunshine; the loud roar of warmth that can only be summoned by the collective masses of individuals harmoniously spurring you on as you endure the thrashings from ‘The Man With the Hammer.’ These people are the life blood of our wonderful sport, they are the true champions. These people don’t leave empty handed, they return to their shires with memories of mud, blood, tears, dispair, glory, victory, triumph and the occasional corker of a photo that will be displayed on their FaceWall of fame for all to see and admire and be inspired.

Faceless? I think not, far from what would be deemed just ‘Sponsors’. Cycling breeds its own special and unique collective of support platforms, these patrons of passion are what keep us athletes in the game; they are the folk that put their money where their heart is.
They are the muscle that pumps the vital fresh oxygen to the body. without which the body would not work. In my time as a professional cyclist I have met many of these patrons. They are just like you and I, yet they use their skills, their passion and their worldly wisdom to invest in history. Returns are there to be calculated but not so much as the honor with which history weaves its tails of dark knights of the yester year, keeping the peace, fighting those battles that otherwise would not have the champions they deserve.
We owe a lot to these patrons of our sport, support and protect them we should. For our beloved sport to rise to the heights and beyond, to withstand the lashings of time. For history to declare this is our hour.


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